Meet Aurora

Our most advanced web framework to date.

Create any web-based implementation, from sites to API services easily and with complete control.

Aurora consolidates all our previous solutions into a single package to allow for an unmatched versatility while mantaining a lightweight profile.

The advantages

Learn why Aurora is the best match for your next project.

Whatever you are building we got you covered with years of research and development.

Less is more

With a compact codebase and a small file count but fully extensible and with full Composer support out-of-the-box.

Just unpack, configure and use. Easy peasy.

Standards compliant

Built according to modern standards, Aurora implements PSR-3, PSR-4, PSR-7, PSR-11, PSR-14, PSR-15 and PSR-17.

If a built-in component doesn't cut it just swap it out with another implementation.

Encourages good coding

Aurora is truly lightweight, built for speed and with no functional dependencies (the only required packages are the PSR ones).

Why have thousands of files just to implement a simple micro-service?

Features in depth

Aurora boasts a modern and expressive codebase that is also extensible by design and fast, really fast.

Engineered from the ground up, this is our most ambitious project yet, originally aiming at replacing Laravel and Symfony in our internal toolset, but now also available to selected partners through our subscription program.

  • Built with modern, object-oriented PHP

    Fully type-hinted, PHPStan-audited code with modern coding constructs, exception-based error handling and leveraging the latest PHP features.

  • ENV file loader for safe configuration handling

    Store your credentials on an ENV file that is never commited to version control and keep your sensitive data safe.

  • Full ORM layer with Query builder, Schema manipulation, Migrations and Seeding

    Deploy you application in minutes with migrations and database seeding, while keeping your code clean with a powerful and expressive query builder.

  • PSR-3 logger with configurable stacks and channels

    Set-up your logging strategy as you like with the help of stacks and channels to keep a fine-grained control of the application vitals.

  • PSR-4 based class loading with full Composer support

    Full Composer support means that you may add any package required by your business-logic without polluting the global namespace.

  • PSR-7 and PSR-17 compliant HTTP stack for standards-compliant implementation of web-based services

    HTTP messages and factories out-of-the-box allow you to craft portable solutions that can interoperate with other plaftorms and packages without adapters.

  • PSR-11 service container with dependency injection DI and service provider support

    With a powerful, configurable service container that brings dependency injection to your applications, and with service providers you can keep your code neatly organized and modularized.

  • PSR-14 compliant event dispatcher and listener implementations

    Supporting callable or object-based listeners and user-defined events, broadcasting and sharing data between your app modules has never been easier.

  • PSR-15 middleware fully supported, to craft complex but loosely-coupled apps

    All the power of PSR-15 middleware, create your own handlers or use any of the readily available packages to add CSRF protection, authentication, caching and more to your application without coupling them to your application core.

  • Lightning-fast regular-expression-based router with route groups and controller support

    Define routes in seconds and create complex solutions with route grouping and keep your code organized with controllers for large-scale projects.

  • Abstract storage provider with multiple adapter support for local file-systems and cloud-based services

    Allow a safe and scalable storage strategy through the use of an abstract-storage provider, it won't matter if the files are on the same server or an S3 instance, the adapter does all the abstraction for you.

  • Template-based view rendering with the built-in Glow engine and optional support for Twig, Blade, or Latte

    Site safety is critical issue and with a template engine you can help mitigate some the major attack vectors that a site has (XSS for example) while giving your team an easier way to generate content for your site or application.

  • Job queue with support for multiple storage adapters

    For medium to large-scale projects, keep some job queues to work on them asynchronously without degrading the user experience, boasting responsivity and allowing more scalability.

  • Proper error handling to avoid leaking sensitive information

    Never again have an error message leaking your table structure or user data due to unhandled errors, if you are on a development environment show the errors in a clean way that helps to fix them while on production ambients is better to just log them to a file.

  • Command-line interface for more advanced applications with built-in commands for migrations, scaffolding, seeding, queued jobs

    Harness the power of the built-in code generators to scaffold your applications in minutes and when you are ready to deploy run the migrations and setup tasks right from the command-line.

Getting started

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