Meet Aurora

Our most advanced web framework to date.

Create any web-based implementation, from sites to API services easily and with complete control.

Aurora consolidates all our previous solutions into a single package to allow for an unmatched versatility while mantaining a lightweight profile.

The advantages

Learn why Aurora is the best match for your next project.

Whatever you are building we got you covered with years of research and development.

Less is more

With a compact codebase and a small file count you won't need no package managers of other invasive stuff.

Just unpack, configure and use. Easy peasy.

Unrivaled support

It doesn't matter if you are running Apache, Nginx, IIS or LiteSpeed, Aurora works there without a hitch.

And it supports the newest PHP 8 too!

Encourages good coding

Our frameworks are truly lightweight, without cumbersome middleware libraries and built for speed.

And Aurora is a corner stone into that philosophy.

Features in depth

Aurora boasts an unique core-based engine to enable a new way of web development.

Our new core-based architecture encourages the creation of smaller, self-contained mini/micro-services that offer better resilency and are more fault-tolerant compared to the old monolythic approach of most frameworks.


  • Built with modern, object-oriented PHP
  • Profile-oriented settings: define diferent options for development, testing, production, etc.
  • PDO-based, global database connection (MySQL)
  • Full ORM layer with Query builder, Schema manipulation and Migrations
  • Run-time configurable paths
  • Automatic detection of location for URL generation, multi-site ready
  • XHR/HTTPS detection functions
  • Salted token/password hasher and checker
  • Global hook system (WordPress-like)
  • Powerful router with lightning-fast regular-expression-based matching
  • Internationalization (i18n) support
  • Localization (l10n) support
  • Redirection and URL-generation functions
  • Run-time configurable routes
  • Extend the default cores or create you own
  • Works with a lot of server packages while only requiring PHP 5.6+
  • Powerful console interface with support for custom commands
  • Full Composer support, the framework logic resides in a separate package for easy updates
  • Encoding agnostic

Web-site core

  • Full-featured template engine with automatic escaping
  • Modular script/style enqueuer (WordPress-like) with automatic minification and caching
  • Custom body classes (WordPress-like)
  • Custom meta tag generator
  • Built-in slug generator
  • Built-in slug-based page routing: /home for home page, /about for about page, etc. (good for SEO!)
  • Page title generator with automatic HTML sanitization

Web-service core

  • Versionable ReST API engine
  • ReST-ful or not, configurable HTTP verb or action-based mechanism
  • Powerful event logging framework
  • Simple, yet secure authorization engine via access tokens


  • Includes a full-blown JS framework for SPAs and PWAs
  • Class-based, proper inheritance without confusing transpiling
  • Built-in hash-based router with support for animation
  • Ready for Facebook integrations using the oficial JS SDK
  • Powerful template engine with pre-compiling support

Getting started

Get the release package and start making awesome things.

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