Dragonfly, a powerful and flexible microframework for REsT APIs built on top of our proven routing technology.

Why Dragonfly

A complete framework for ReST APIs

Dragonfly has been built for speed, simplicity & scalability.

With an efficient routing engine and a streamlined design, to work with demanding applications.

With easy-to-use interfaces and methods

Start processing requests in just a few minutes, just bind an HTTP method, get the request data and serve the response in a few lines of code.

You can build a simple data provider or full-stack ReST server, it’s all up to you.

And works with your existing Apps

Connect your Hummingbird or Ladybug applications without hassle by using standard AJAX or CuRL calls.

Not using them? Dragonfly serves Android/iOS/Windows and any other kind of application.

You may even return JSON, XML, YAML or any format you’d like to with with.

Built for true developers

You’ll get just what you need to get started.

Forget about those bloated frameworks that call themselves ‘lightweight’



  • Built with modern, object-oriented PHP
  • Profile-oriented settings: define diferent options for development, testing, production, etc.
  • PDO-based, global database connection (MySQL)
  • Run-time configurable paths
  • AJAX/HTTPS detection functions
  • Simple salted token/password hasher
  • Global hook system (WordPress-like)
  • Encoding agnostic


  • Powerful, yet simple router (using Backbone.js syntax)
  • Built-in support for API versioning and sandboxing on the route
  • Built-in advanced route hooking, build complex applications in a breeze
  • Run-time configurable routes

Getting started

To get started, download the zip file.

Once you have it extract the files, configure your instance and you'll be ready to create amazing things.

Download now View documentation


If you want to help, simply fork the repo.

Add your awesome features or fix those pesky bugs and create a pull-request.

We'll review your changes and do our best to include them in the next release.


If you find something that is not working as it should, open an issue and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Please include as much info as possible (server OS, PHP version, etc.)

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