Hummingbird Lite is the definitive lightweight web framework. With an small footprint and built around good coding techniques, it'll give you just what you need to get started.

Why Hummingbird Lite

Just what you need

With other frameworks you get a boatload of files with encoding, mailing, caching, and a ton of other classes. And they even call themselves 'lightweight'.

We'll give you the absolute minimum platform so you can choose the best tools to do the job.

Built around good practices

By taking the best practices from WordPress, Laravel, Rails and other frameworks and libraries, we're bringing a new way to build web sites and apps.

Good coding patterns and a DRY philosophy FTW!

Fully extendable

Do you need a content management system? How about some internationalization?

There are readily available plugins that will help you get started with user accounts and other common tasks.

And if you can't find a suitable plugin, you may easily make your own!

And it's free!1

Released under the MIT license, you may copy, modify and do whatever you want with the code.

Seriously, we want to raise the standards of today's web development and we would like to include every developer out there.

Just download or fork the repo and start creating!

1 — For non-commercial usage only.



  • Built with modern, object-oriented PHP
  • Profile-oriented settings: define diferent options for development, testing, production, etc.
  • PDO-based, global database connection (MySQL)
  • Modular script/style enqueuer (WordPress-like)
  • Run-time configurable paths (css, js, images, plugins, etc.)
  • Automatic detection of HTTPS for URL generation
  • Custom body classes (WordPress-like)
  • Custom meta tag generator
  • Built-in slug generator
  • Page title generator with automatic HTML sanitization
  • AJAX/HTTPS detection functions
  • Simple salted token/password hasher
  • Global hook system (WordPress-like)
  • Encoding agnostic
  • Simple pseudo-templating helpers
  • Includes an useful object-oriented JS micro-framework


  • Powerful, yet simple router (using Backbone.js syntax)
  • Built-in slug-based page routing: /home for home page, /about for about page, etc. (good for SEO!)
  • Built-in advanced route hooking, build complex sites and applications in a breeze
  • Redirection and URL-generation functions
  • Run-time configurable routes

Plugins & Integration

  • Configurable plugin loader, with profile-specific plugins
  • Internationalization plugin (i18n, bundled)
  • Model-View-Controller plugin (MVC)
  • LESS parsing plugin (painLESS)
  • Support for Apache, Nginx and IIS
  • Works with PHP 5.3+

Getting started

To get started, download the zip file.

Once you have it extract the files, configure your instance and you'll be ready to create amazing things.

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If you want to help, simply fork the repo.

Add your awesome features or fix those pesky bugs and create a pull-request.

We'll review your changes and do our best to include them in the next release.


If you find something that is not working as it should, open an issue and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Please include as much info as possible (server OS, PHP version, etc.)

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