Presenting Pulsar

A powerful JS micro-framework for ES6.

Build advanced sites and progressive-web-apps with a modern and compact codebase.

Leverage the latest ES6 features like classes, inheritance and modules to craft complex solutions without creating a mess.

The advantages

Pulsar has just what you need.

Neat codebase with a modern and modular structure that doesn't require a specialized server to run.

Less is more

Compact codebase and a small file count but fully extensible and modular.

Once you code is ready, bundle you entire app to a single, minfied JS file for an easy deployment.

Runs on the browser

Forget about complicated pipelines, build steps and deployment scripts.

Pulsar only requires a modern browser to run, without requiring server-side support.

Zero dependencies

The only required package is esbuild, to bundle your app for production.

Why have thousands of files just to implement a simple site or application?

Features in depth

Discover what makes Pulsar unique.

Built from scratch, product of years of development and adopting the most recent language features.

  • ES6 codebase

    Pulsar uses modules, classes and modern code constructs to provide top-notch performance and maximum flexibility.

  • Service container

    Built-in service container with Provider support for modularized apps with lazy-loading components.

  • Full-featured router

    With route groups, controllers and reverse-routing; includes regex-based parameter constraints and route compilation for speed.

  • Templating system

    Simple but powerful and flexible templating engine, with expressive syntax for increased readability of your code.

Getting started

Get the release package and start making awesome things.

If you are already a subscriptor, please head to your dashboard where you will be able to manage your proyects and get the most up-to-date release package and its documentation.

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Get in touch with us

Contact us if you want to know more about our subscription plans.

We are still polishing the details for subscription plans and they are currently in an invitation-only phase.

Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a partner.

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